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Of the 56 canvases that represent George Quaintance's "male physique" period, the whereabouts of 20 remains unknown. For nine of those, I have anecdotal information; for the remaining 11 I have no information whatsoever. Readers of this blog who may have information about any of these works are encouraged to post a comment or reply privately via email. (Note: Images are not shown in their true aspect ratios.)

It is also known that Quaintance painted at least six different studies of a handsome blond named Stephen Barclay, of which at least two were nudes. This was prior to the "Male Physique" paintings. Only two of the Barclay paintings are known today, neither of which is a nude.


1-2. Coral Reef & Sunlit Depths
Lost for years, then found again in a thrift store, this duo went missing once more when the owner passed away in 2004. Last known whereabouts: Dallas, Texas.

3. Kanaka Fisherman
Three distinct versions of this painting exist. Two of these are accounted for. The one that is lost is the one that appeared in the studio's catalogs and was offered as an 8x10 photo.

4. Moribundo
An email correspondent related to me that Moribundo was sold in the 1960s to a collector "somewhere in the Midwest." The owner was later arrested, tried and jailed in a federal prison for three months for sending a "pornographic" image through the U.S. mail. Moribundo was allegedly confiscated and destroyed. No further details were available and I was unable to corroborate this information.

5. Saturday Night
This iconic image is unusual in that there's no nudity whatsoever and, except for the bartender, every pose was modeled by Jim Glasper, the man who, according to Quaintance, had perfect buttocks. It was told to me that this painting was owned by Paul Reubens (aka Pee-wee Herman). It was allegedly seized by the government, along with much of Reubens' extensive erotic art collection, in 2004, when Reubens was arrested and charged with "possession of obscene material improperly depicting a child under the age of 18 in sexual conduct." Those charges were later dropped. Attempts to contact Reubens to confirm his ownership of Saturday Night were never successful.


6. Rodeo Victor
This is the only canvas that Victor Garcia ever refused to sell. He kept it and gave it to a later boyfriend, Glen Martin. Its present whereabouts are unknown.

7-8. Night in the Desert & Slave Market
I had anecdotal information about the owners of these canvases but I was never able to confirm it, so they are considered lost.


The following canvases I don't even have anecdotal information about.
9. Edwardo
10. Gloria
11. In the Arms of Morpheus
12. Island Boy
13. Lake Apache
14. Noise in the Night
15. Pearl Diver
16 Point Loma
17. Swan Lake
18. Temptation
19. Trial by Combat
20. White Captive




#2 Greg 2015-07-07 21:30
7-7-15 Some of the "lost" works are in the show in Los Angeles. See the works and prices at:
#1 Dian Hanson 2015-07-02 11:52
TASCHEN, publisher of Quaintance, 2010, has mounted the long awaited show, and sale, of 26 original canvases, sculptures and sketches by Quaintance, at the TASCHEN Gallery, 8070 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles. The show opens July 2, and runs through August 31.

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