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EbookCoverWelcome to the George Quaintance blog. Your hosts, John Waybright and Ken Furtado, are the authors of QUAINTANCE: The Short Life of an American Art Pioneer, the only complete, authoritative biography of Quaintance ever written. Our book fills a cultural, historical and academic void for this seminal 20th century artist. It is packed with photos and available as an ebook at Smashwords, for the low price of $12.99. We are excited to have exclusive access to hundreds of never-published photographs from Quaintance’s personal scrapbooks and family archives. Sadly, John passed away in May 2013, before seeing the book published. We hope you will use this site as a platform to exchange ideas, information and images related to this under-valued artist, as well as to learn more about him. Please send your email to



jwaybrightIt is with great sadness that I report that my friend, colleague and co-author, John Waybright, has died. His family notified me that he passed away at 12:10 P.M., May 10, 2013. He gave his body to science.

John was a retired weekly newspaper editor. He earned Virginia Press Association awards for columns, editorials and newspaper page designs. He lived in Luray, VA, not far from George Quaintance's birthplace in rural Alma, Va.

In 2002, when I purchased a collection of Quaintance material at an estate sale, I searched the Internet for more information about Quaintance and that search led me to John. An email correspondence ensued, and after determining that there was little authoritative information about Quaintance in print, we decided to collaborate on a definitive biography. We agreed that John would write about the artist’s years on the East Coast and Ken (Furtado) would depict the years Quaintance spent in Los Angeles and Phoenix. Not only was John born near Quaintance's birthplace, he was a personal friend of one of Quaintance's only living relatives, who opened the family archives to him.

Equally fortuitous was the fact that Ken lived about two miles from "Rancho Siesta," the fabled studio-residence of George Quaintance during most of the final six years of his life

The two writers hardly realized the immensity of the task they were about to undertake. Almost no correct information about Quaintance's birth, childhood, career, personal life or death was recorded in easily available publications. The research, extending over a period of several years, had to be done in original sources: birth and death certificates, newspaper and magazine articles, scrapbooks, correspondence with family and friends and interviews with those who actually knew the artist.

The project wound in and out of several mysteries: What happened to Quaintance's lifelong partners after the artist's death? Were some of Quaintance's paintings done in multiple versions? Who was George Quintana, an artist who illustrated the covers of "girlie" magazines in the 1930s with a style and signature similar to Quaintance?

The writers answered many of the questions and unearthed previously unknown details of George Quaintance's life and work. The final manuscript, however, has languished. Countless publishers — gay, gay-friendly and mainstream alike — have rejected it. I regret that John did not live to see the fruits of his labors in print.


#3 Laurent 2015-05-09 23:15
Mon cher John,
Voilà deux ans aujourd’hui que tu es parti rejoindre le ciel aussi étoilé que celui peint dans les oeuvres de G. Quaintance.
Où que tu sois dans l’univers, reçois mon amitié de France.
#2 JB 2014-12-15 23:26
hello, I hope that you will be able to help me. I found 9 8x10 black and white Quaintance prints sealed in my friends basement. His basement is full of old family history and items. His Great Uncle was gay and a successful performer, ballet I think, he travelled to New York to work and live and eventually returned to our home town in MD. It was in his belongings that we found these prints but I cannot find any solid information anywhere. They all have the same marks on the back, title, original painting by Quaintance, size, price, all right protected, then at the bottom an address-Box 2331 Terminal Annex Los Angeles 54, Calif. The titles are as follows-"White Captive","Kanak a Fisherman","Sla ve Market","Mornin g","ThunderHead ",Havasu Creek", Night In The Desert"After The Storm","IDYLL". One is dated 1948, most are dated 1951, and some are dated 1952, the prices are written by hand and range from 300 to 500, some just say sold. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
#1 Laurent 2013-05-18 23:22
J'ai commencé ma correspondance avec John par email en juin 2003. Nous ne nous sommes jamais rencontré mais nous avons crée un lien d'amitié très fort, nous avons partagés des émotions, des joies et quelques jolis découvertes en discutant sur de la vie de George Quaintance.
J'ai le souvenir d'un homme magnifique, gentil et sincère.

John, tu seras toujours mon ami et tu seras toujours dans ma mémoire.

May your soul rest in peace.


Paris, France.

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