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Siesta and PreludioIf asked to name Quaintance's masterpiece, most people will choose either Siesta or Preludio. Apparently Quaintance thought so too, because those were the first two canvases of his "Male Physique" period that he chose to reproduce as color lithographs.

He had always sold 8x10 black and white photos of his canvases to a public that had an unquenchable thirst for them — his mailing list was said to number over 10,000 names. Later, acceding to the demand for color reproductions, he began to sell color chromes, or slides, of the paintings. But the lithographs were new territory. They were printed in full color that carefully duplicated the original oils and printed on heavy stock with a 16- by 20-inch print area and ample margins. The selling price was $5. After Preludio was issued as a lithograph, you could purchase both for $8.

ad for color lithographs by George QuaintanceOne early ad for Siesta bore this copy: "Because Mr. Quaintance feels 'Siesta' is his finest and most inspired work, he wishes to keep it exclusive to sincere admirers of his art. Therefore it will not be shown in PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL or any other publication distributed to the general public." The first edition quickly sold out and a second edition was printed, although the quantities (and the printer) remain unknown.

Advertising copy for Preludio was equally fulsome with praise: "Art Critics of two continents pronounce 'Preludio' the supreme masterpiece of all the Quaintance paintings. The compelling drama of this great work should be enjoyed in its full and brilliant coloring."

In the late 1990s, the Tom of Finland Foundation came into possession of all the unsold copies of both lithographs and offered them to the public — but at a substantially higher price.

Today, the original canvases reside on opposite sides of the continent — Siesta in a collection in Los Angeles and Preludio in a collection in New York City.


#7 Laurent 2012-02-26 14:38
Hi Bill, I've already seen an unsigned copy of siesta. The seller was Durk Dehner. It was on Ebay in March 2007. At that time, the starting price was $ 199.99. There was a tear on the right side, above the cap.
#6 Laurent 2012-01-09 11:40
Charles, excuse my bad English, I am writing from France.
Yes, unfortunately, the four color prints have been sold to one buyer. Of the four original prints, "Siesta" at the peculiarity of being signed in the bottom right of George Quaintance with a ballpoint pen.
In late October 2011, a seller has sold 21 slides of paintings GQ. How sad! In his announcement, he said he replaced the old aluminum slide frames! But he says he sent the original frames to the buyer.
He is pleased that the admirer of the artist owns objects "Quaintance Studio and the artist's work. This is important for the years that are coming. ;-)
#5 CHARLES VERRASTRO 2012-01-03 18:04
BTW, here is the actual piece for comparison.

#4 CHARLES VERRASTRO 2012-01-03 17:33
I just missed purchasing several of these prints on Ebay (they went for over $160.00 each). I do have one or two examples already, however. I also have a nearly complete set of the slides the studio sold through mail-order. BTW, I just purchased an original painting by William M. Maclane of Maclaine studios, a contemporary of GQ. It is of a cowboy and bears a great similitude to GQ's levied cowboy hunks.
#3 Joey Rodriguez 2011-12-24 19:25
I actually have the Perido lithography
which I purchased for a mere $50.00 dollars
from a silent auction hosted by the TOM OF FINLAND FOUNDATION. Durk told me and others before about his long search for the work of Quaintance because Tom of Finland said to him that he was an influence. Anyway, It's Custom Frame now from Arron Brothers.
#2 bill lipsky 2011-12-07 13:21
hi, ken,

quaintance signed copies of siesta, although the brochure offering them for sale doesn't mention they're available that way. they're not numbered, so i suppose how many were done that way is anybody's guess. i've actually never seen unsigned copies. i don't know if he signed any copies of preludio. has anyone seen a signed copy?


#1 Stony Creek Consulting, LLC 2011-11-23 20:01
The articles on the Quaintance lithographs are illuminating and highly readable. Readers should be anxious to get the full story in the upcoming biography.
JD in VA

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